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Innovative Learning Environments for the 21st Century Classroom

On Point Innovative Learning Environments will customize your school’s classrooms so that your teachers and students can realize a vision for modern learning environments with innovative interactive technology in flexible educational spaces where students and teachers can thrive.


On Point’s highly qualified staff partners with schools and school districts to identify the specific needs and creates a trailer-made solution for 21st Century Classrooms.

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Learning Innovation

Tie instructional strategies and technology to the needs of students to enhance learning in every classroom. Connect the pieces from curriculum, desired objectives, assessments, and school goals for maximum success.


Create a unique space in every classroom that is safe and inviting through a thoughtfully designed classroom layout built to support instructional outcomes based on teaching and learning philosophies. With flexible furniture, students take ownership over the arrangement of desks and overall classroom environment which empowers students and develops a classroom community.

Library, Commons

In order to get the most out of any space, all customized spaces are designed with the 7 Learning Zones System in mind. The space is mapped out to match school objectives for both student collaboration and instructional practices.


Teach perseverance, establish a growth mindset and foster 21st-century skills in all students through uniquely designed spaces for collaborative creativity.  The freedom to be inspired and pursue interests leads to increased excitement while solving big problems and giving students the chance to see all that they can accomplish.




Interactive Display & Control Technology​​



Device Platforms​​


Collaborative Learning Audio Enhancement

ED Spaces

    ED SPACES   


Optimize Learning Spaces with

Dynamic 21st-Century Furniture

Library, Media Hub, Learning Commons

Collaborative & Cooperative Spaces

Makerspace, STEM

Problem Solving through Creative

Tinkering and Inventing




Effective Technology Integration Tied to

Assessment Data for Increased Engagement


Contribute Learning Strategies Designed

with Students and Technology in Mind​​


Empower Students to Take

Control of their Learning



Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. -Andrew Carnegie

Who is OnPoint?


Established in 2005, OnPoint was created to provide exceptional service and support to education-based institutions. Our sole purpose is to collaborate with K-12 organizations to transform learning environments for future generations.


Our Vision for Education


A partnership with OnPoint is designed to be on-going, reflective, and adaptable to the needs, initiatives and defined goals of a school or district. We provide a comprehensive range of products along with clear purpose to create an innovative learning environment around student, teacher, and school collaboration.

What does OnPoint do?

Technology is an essential part of our world today. In order to prepare the future generations, technology must be integrated into their education.


OnPoint partners with districts and schools to achieve technology goals through the purchase of new technology, classroom design, professional development, and continued support and service.


We utilize existing resources including curriculum, current technology, and any newly purchased resources to create a common culture focused on preparing students for college and careers. 


Our terrific team is committed to making a difference in the way students learn, teachers teach and for administrators to understand the OnPoint difference.

Professional Development Hours




so far this year


to transform generations


realizing their vision




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4100 E Jurupa St. Suite 102 

Ontario, CA  91761

Tel: 888-937-3005

Fax: 909-937-3320


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EdSpaces 2019

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Yahoo Finance

Huntington Beach City School District Uses Boxlight’s MimioSpace to Transform Classrooms into Forward-Thinking, Collaborative Learning Environments

September 13th 2018

New Installation Part of District’s Growing Technology Initiative

California’s Huntington Beach City School District (HBCSD) will be adding 60 MimioSpace collaborative systems from Boxlight Corporation (BOXL) (“Boxlight”) to its classrooms in order to support its expanding technology initiative. The district partnered with Boxlight and premiere reseller partner OnPoint to bring collaborative technology to classrooms in nine schools throughout the district.

The addition of MimioSpace and other Boxlight products, including Boxlight Labdiscs and ProColor touch tables, is the result of a $150 million bond approved to encourage more collaborative and forward-thinking classrooms in HBCSD. HBCSD’s expanding technology initiative aims to transform the learning process for students, favoring a more collaborative and engaging environment. With the flexibility offered by the addition of Boxlight technologies to the district’s classrooms, students are able to explore new ideas with instant feedback.

“The addition of these tools to our classrooms signals a dramatic change in how we engage our students and how we utilize technology,” said Gregory Haulk, superintendent of HBCSD. “Our partnership with OnPoint and Boxlight was built on listening and being very receptive to what teachers and students wanted and needed for improved academic experiences.”

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