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Achieving your vision for your school, teachers, and students is a difficult task to accomplish, but with the support of OnPoint, your vision can be fully realized. Through our partnership, we work with you to prepare students for college and careers with innovative learning environments and collaborative learning strategies that support 21st-century skills.


Innovation 2


Tie instructional strategies and classroom instructional technology to the needs of students to enhance learning in every classroom. Connect the pieces from curriculum, desired objectives, assessments, and school goals for maximum success.


Spark interest and engage students with educational platforms hand-picked to meet their needs and lay the foundation for a path to success for all. Each lesson is made to help support current curriculum with interactive activities built in.

Click the photo for examples.


Protect each student's innovative ideas and creative work through thoughtfully chosen information technology support. Give every classroom the chance to make strides and provide access for all through well-managed network solutions. 

    ED SPACES    

Ed spaces 2


Create a unique space in every classroom that is safe and inviting through a thoughtfully designed classroom layout built to support instructional outcomes based on teaching and learning philosophies. With flexible furniture, students take ownership over the arrangement of desks and overall classroom environment which empowers students and develops a classroom community.

Click the photo for classroom examples.

Library, Commons

In order to get the most out of any space, all customized spaces are designed with the 7 Learning Zones System in mind. The space is mapped out to match school objectives for both student collaboration and instructional practices.


Teach perseverance, establish a growth mindset and foster 21st-century skills in all students through uniquely designed spaces for collaborative creativity.  The freedom to be inspired and pursue interests leads to increased excitement while solving big problems and giving students the chance to see all that they can accomplish.

Click the photo for library examples.

Click the photo for STEM/Makerspace examples.


Environments 2


Effective technology integration combined with instructional strategies and curriculum to address individual student needs, differentiate, and provide data necessary for professional growth. With the addition of technology, students gain control over the content provided to them which teachers can manage effectively. 


Provide students with multiple opportunities to ask questions and discuss higher order thinking questions to develop and strengthen critical-thinking, communication, interpersonal, and lifelong learning skills while teachers use student work to drive instruction.

Click the photo for examples.


Allow each student to progress at their own pace while developing expert learners that are independent, self-directed, and self-motivated. Give students a voice to choose their path to success. With educational technology based systems, teachers can communicate and guide personalized learning experiences.

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