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Innovative Learning Environments for the 21st Century Classroom


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OnPoint Engagement Process

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OnPoint Insights

OnPoint continually seeks out and partners with industry leaders in education, furniture, technology, and construction. Here you'll find recent thoughts and innovations made available to you by our team of consultants and ongoing partnerships.

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Learning Innovation

Tie instructional strategies and technology to the needs of students to enhance learning in every classroom. Connect the pieces from curriculum, desired objectives, assessments, and school goals for maximum success.


Create a unique space in every classroom that is safe and inviting through a thoughtfully designed classroom layout built to support instructional outcomes based on teaching and learning philosophies. With flexible furniture, students take ownership over the arrangement of desks and overall classroom environment which empowers students and develops a classroom community.

Library, Commons

In order to get the most out of any space, all customized spaces are designed with the 7 Learning Zones System in mind. The space is mapped out to match school objectives for both student collaboration and instructional practices.