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Education Spaces

No two educational spaces are exactly the same, and neither are the needs of two communities. OnPoint designs are assembled from the ground up to support the learning outcomes your educators are working towards and the students you serve. From Transitional Kindergarten to High School Science Labs, we have the experience and partnerships needed to support your community.

TK-12 Classrooms

Whether you're building a kindergarten class or upgrading your high school, OnPoint can deliver a flexible, effective learning environment for your students. From the latest in educational technology to designs allowing for day-to-day changes in layout, we can help you inspire your students to become life-long learners.

Specialty Spaces

Whether your students are in need of a STEM room, Science Lab, or Maker Space, OnPoint has extensive experience equipping spaces for discovery and creation.

Learning Commons

Utilizing the latest in furnishings and design philosophies, our learning commons designs can make the most of the space you have to make your school library a place students actually want to gather.

Admin Spaces

Your students aren't the only ones in need of environments that effectively support their work. OnPoint can help you design and build administrative spaces for every department and staff type.