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Are you old enough to remember when every classroom had a chalk board? They aren't nearly as common today, but the original "why" behind them never went away.

Communicating effectively with a room full of students,

particularly visual concepts, is an essential classroom task.

Thankfully, even the humble chalk board has benefited from the steady progress of technology. These days, fully interactive touch displays make the work of presenting key concepts to your students easier than ever. Mimio's latest generation of displays feature antibacterial glass, offering protection for teachers and students alike from harmful germs. They also let you access your favorite apps from the Google Play Store, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Teams, Word and Powerpoint, directly from the screen.

OnPoint understands the value of tools that make the life and work of an educator easier and more effective. Our design, implementation, and training services ensure you:

  • Benefit from the latest advancements in educational hardware and software.

  • Implement only those products and services that directly serve your educational goals.

  • Receive the training and support you need to get the most from these investments.

Advancements in technology enable educators to present and demonstrate key concepts more effectively than ever before, but only when combined with intentional design, effective training, and skilled support. OnPoint can help your team every step of the way.

Ready to begin? OnPoint can help.

Contact us for a consultation today and bring the latest interactive display technology to your education spaces!


OnPoint is committed to continually seeking out and partnering with industry-leaders in furniture, technology, and the construction of education spaces.

This article was inspired by a recent publication from one such partner: Boxlight Mimio.

You can download the full PDF from Mimio below:


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