Instructional Design

Address the whole child’s learning needs in both in-class and virtual settings by designing and executing lessons that clearly define intended outcomes and access multiple modalities.

Hybrid Learning Framework


Utilize online resources to design and execute in-class lessons. Actively engage students in class using online platforms to spark inquiry and generate feedback for driving instruction. Develop norms and procedures applicable to in-class and virtual settings to ensure consistent and productive student engagement. Provide guidance and instill teacher confidence by modeling a lesson plan template and lesson plan examples.


Encourage lesson design embedded with your SEL framework and resources. Emphasize integrating students’ prior knowledge and identifying specific focus skills for improvement. Include student choice options within lessons to instill self-confidence and prepare them to work individually without direct oversight. Provide end-of-lesson closure and generate interest by introducing “next steps”. Create multiple opportunities for student-to-student and student-to -teacher feedback to drive instruction and shape future online learning experiences.






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